Recently, more and more businesses are choosing to migrate their data and applications to the cloud. The reasons for the cloud decision range from financial considerations to organizational reasons (keyword: flexibility). Nevertheless, there are still many companies that prefer to rely on proven hosting solutions. Be it because they want more control over their data or want the performance of undivided, dedicated resources. For these companies, Managed Hosting offers a solution with many advantages.

Managed hosting includes the rented hardware as well as the server management. The provider takes care of the hardware, the operating system and other applications 24/7. So the customer can focus on their business and not have to worry about maintaining the servers.

Why Managed Hosting pays off

Cost savings and scalability

Cloud hosting is often a bit cheaper than managed hosting. Nevertheless, companies save in both cases because they do not have their own servers or have to maintain special IT staff. By getting a managed hosting provider on board who can pinpoint and serve their needs, they only use the resources they need. As the need changes, the solution simply scales and the provider adjusts its services accordingly.

Fixed costs

Billing in managed hosting is usually done as a fixed monthly fee. Unforeseen costs do not occur, as maintenance or hardware replacement are the responsibilities of the provider. This allows companies to plan more accurately and predict their cash flow.

Time savings and expertise

Managed hosting helps companies avoid work such as hardware maintenance, software updates, and data backups. This allows them to pay close attention to their core competencies and improve their net results. In addition, they can assume that the staff of the managed hosting provider knows the technologies well. The time to acquire this expertise does not mean that the customer’s employees have to invest themselves. Even in the case of problems, customers themselves do not have to spend time finding solutions because the qualified technical support of the host is always available.

Guaranteed uptime and speed

With an experienced provider on the side, it is not your own responsibility to ensure the constant availability of all systems. The Managed Hosting Provider takes care of it instead of the customer and guarantees a certain level of availability through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). For example, 99.99 percent annual mean. In addition to the higher availability, one can expect a high-performance network connection from a large provider. This allows a higher speed of data transmission.

Security and privacy

A managed hosting provider has a set of security measures in place to protect data from unauthorized access. On the one hand, these are physical measures in the data center (access restriction, monitoring). On the other hand, for example, firewalls are implemented and effective solutions offered to protect against DDoS attacks. In addition, customers of a provider with data centers in Germany benefit from high data protection according to BDSG. Also, providers often have independent certifications, such as ISO 27001 or PCI DSS, that confirm the proper handling of sensitive data.

Due Diligence – Partner Evaluation

When a company manages its own IT, it often works with a number of partners for a variety of purposes. In managed hosting, on the other hand, you often only work with a service provider who offers all services from a single source. This saves a lot of time for customers as they do not have to evaluate each partner individually. They focus once on finding a partner that meets all requirements.

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