Daisi Face Cleansing Brush Only $17.95+FREE SHIPPING

Product Details:
Daisi electric waterproof face cleanser is Multi-functional, portable facial skin care electric massager scrubber deeply cleanse facial pores, remove blackheads, whiteheads, make-up, oil, dead skin, and milia. Electric cleansing brush works as a pore minimizer, providing facial spa treatment and reducing skin redness. Essential skin solutions help reduce acne and dark spots.It Exfoliating dead, dried and flaky skin, promotes cellular turnover, collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, recovering skin elasticity and vitality.A versatile cleansing brush that can be used by everyone, including women, men and those with normal, sensitive, oily, and dry skin.

How To Clean The Brush:
Remove the brush head and rinse with water. Do not wash the device body with any corrosive or abrasive materials. Do not immerse in water when cleaning. Clean with a soft cloth after use and let dry on stand. Change the brush head every three months.


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